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Teatrul German de stat Timișoara
Acum vezi arhiva reprezentației din:
26 martie 2023, 10:00 (Stagiunea 2022-2023)
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Duminică, 26 martie 2023, 10:00-20:00, în sala Teatrului German

Weekend-ul de teatru NiL

Weekend-ul Teatrului NiL este acel weekend din an în care toate trupele de teatru NiL joacă pe scena Teatrului German de Stat.

According to tradition, NiL theatre groups are presenting the prepared performances again this year. The group was founded in 1996 by Christian Bormann. Actors Ioana Iacob and Alex Mihăescu belong to the first NiL generation.

In 1998 Isolde Cobeț took over the group. Then NiL-Junior was born, to give secondary school students the opportunity to perform theatre. Following the same model, the After NiL troupe was created in 2008, out of the desire of a student, Isa Berger, to play theatre, which at the time was just a hobby. The groups participated in various youth theatre festivals in Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine and Romania.

After graduating, Isa Berger returned to NiL as artistic coordinator. This year the NiL theatre groups have three co-directors: Isolde Cobeț, Isa Berger and Robert Bogdanov-Schein. The latter is also a former Nil member.

Many of the TGST ensemble members took their first theatrical steps at NiL. 


15.00-15.30 NiL Junior: AI CURAJ! coordonat de Robert Bogdanov Schein

17.00-18.00 NiL junior: VIAȚA CA O POVESTE de Sânziana Popescu, coordonat de Isa Berger

19.00 – 20.00 NiL: CU TĂLPILE NOROIASE de J. Fritz, coordonat de Robert Bogdanov Schein

21.00-22.00 NiL: IEȘIȚI DE SUB CONTROL, adaptare după Ray Cooney, coordonat de Isa Berger

Durata: 10:00